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Natural looking dentures

# 1 in Natural and implant retained dentures

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Denture Services

  • New Complete and Partial Dentures

  • Implant retained Dentures

  • Specialists in True to Life Dentures

  • Chrome Cobalt Dentures

  • Denture Repairs

  • Denture Cleaning

  • FREE Consultation

  • Some          appointments available on request 

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About us


Stoke Dental Laboratory have been providing dentures for over 30 years. Each patient receives bespoke dentures with a tailor made service.  


New dentures can make you look younger, eat better and feel great. With over 30 years experience alone our clinical technician prides himself on being able to provide patients with the most natural looking and comfortable dentures. 


If you have missing teeth you shouldn't resign yourself to wearing ill fitting dentures for the rest of your life. We specialise in using the most modern technologies and tested methods to offer the best fitiing and most functional dentures available.

Chris Fell

Clinical Dental Technician


Chris Fell has over 30 years experience of providing patients with new dentures. He runs a team of dental technicians who design and manufacture all of the custom made dental appliances on site. Chris is now a registered Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) which means he is legally qualified to give oral examinations to check the mouth is in a healthy state and to take impressions of the edentulous mouth (no teeth), enabling  him to produce high quality dentures directly to his patients. Patients with natural teeth requiring dentures need a treatment plan made in conjunction with a dentist. We can help with this process meaning you don't have to visit your own dentist as we can provide all these services all at our denture clinic based at Alchemy dental Practice. Just give us a call or fill in the form below and we can organise all your treatment.

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Implant Services


  • Denture stability to secure loose fitting dentures

  • Implants placed using our dental implant provider

  • Dental Implants offer the patient the most stable and natural and lifelong restoration



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