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Denture Repairs


At Stoke Dental Laboratory we can repair dentures on the same day and this is usually possible within an hour. We can repair fractured dentures, chipped teeth and replace missing teeth so they function as they did before. We can also remove any staining you may have on your dentures


If your dentures break whilst you are wearing them, or have broken on multiple occasions there maybe something wrong with the way they fit, we might give you reasons to why this is happening and help you overcome these problems. You shouldn't try to  repair your dentures yourself, especially with superglue. This may be a quick solution but it rarely last that long and can make it impossible to repair your denture at the laboratory and it may cause permanent damage.




Denture Relines 


Over time your mouth will change naturally, if your dentures aren't worn or old A hard denture reline will improve the fit and stability of your current dentures. Please note that you will be without your denture whilst the new base is positioned. Chris will take an impression of your mouth at the denture clinic, your dentures will be relined and then they will be fitted the next day.



If you suffer with tender gums and sore spots, a soft denture reline can help to make patients dentures more comfortable in the mouth. This can often be seen for patients who have a very flat lower ridge, which means they often have problems with the retention of the lower denture. By adapting your current denture, Stoke Dental Laboratory can provide you with a material that remains soft and pliable (denture cushion), reducing the problems that a hard denture causes and making your dentures much more comfortable to wear.


Denture Repair and Reline enquiries

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